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We can all have a time when we need outside help to move forward.  It may be a matter of a specific problem or something more general.  Some examples could be:



Emotional problems

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • mood swings

  • low self-esteem

  • fear of failure

  • thoughts which go round and round giving you no rest

  • unhealthy eating habits



Reactions to difficult life events

  • illness

  • grief and crisis

  • divorce or separation

  • stress

  • post-natal reactions

  • reactions to sexual abuse in childhood

  • being an expat

Problems in relation to others

  • social anxiety

  • difficulty in setting boundaries

  • difficulties in achieving and ,amintaining satisfactory relationships to others

Personal development

  • who am I, what are my priorities in life

  • why do I react the way I do

  • life transitions: becoming a parent, unemployed, a pensioner, etc.

  • problems in connection with education, training or work (see also coaching)

Individual therapy

Torvet 5,

3400 Hillerød


61 703 305

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