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As distinct from psychotherapy coaching always has as its starting point in situations relating to your working life.  At the same time we are also always something other than and more than our work.  Therefore a course of coaching with me will focus on the dynamics between your personal patterns and professional role. 

The core element is discovery and reflections regarding your personal style when you are solving tasks  or relating to others in your current worklife.


The purpose of this dynamic coaching is to increase your mental freedom og sense og options, in order for you to use your ressources adaptively and become more authentic as opposed to being restricted by automatic patterns of reaction and preformed perceptions. 

The proces takes place through joint clarification and reflection as a starting point for experimenting with other ways of acting and reacting. I will suggest possible connections, alternative ways of perceiving situations and thereby inspire you to do things differently.



Torvet 5,

3400 Hillerød

61 703 305

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