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I have worked as a psychologist for almost 20 years in a great variety of work places, private and public, large and small with people in care and those living at home.


I am authorised by the National Board of Health and Welfare and have recognition as a specialist in clinical psychology and psychotherapy from the Danish Psychologists’ Union.


I have taken a four-year supplementary training in psychotherapy with children and young persons.


My study and training have been within the psychodynamic tradition, including mentalization therapy and dynamic interpersonal therapy, both of which are forms of therapy which research has shown to be effective.

I regularly work with:


Torvet 5:

A psychiatric, psychological and healthcare clinic community.



multidisciplinary treatment for children, young persons and families

I receive clients with private or workplace healthcare insurances

I supervise at the psychiatric outpatient ward, Nordsjællands Hospital

My qualifications


Torvet 5,

3400 Hillerød


61 703 305

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