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To be able to work with and gain from therapy as a couple both partners need to be agreed that there is something they want to work at.  You do

not necessarily have to agree about what is most important to talk about.  Sometimes that only becomes clearer in the course of the therapeutic sessions.


Typical challenges can be



  • rows

  • problems in talking with each other

  • differing needs, interests and priorities

  • misunderstandings

  • lack of trust

  • relationship to other family members (siblings, parents, etc.)




  • disagreements concerning child-rearing

  • challenges with children brought together from other relationships

  • involuntary childlessness




There are times when therapy with a couple comes be a matter of dealing with the best way of separating.  This is painful, but it can be decisive, not only for yourselves but to a high degree also for any children involved in the break-up of your relationship.

Couples therapy

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