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Torvet 5,

3400 Hillerød

61 703 305

Welcome to Psykologisk Praksis, Sonja Boisen


You are probably reading this page because there is something you would like help to understand or change, personally or in your working life. In such situations many people find it helpful to talk with an experienced professional with a duty of confidentiality, working in a private, secure space.  

It may concern

  • a specific problem or something you are not clear about

  • a wish for personal development – in your private life or the sphere of work

  • problems in an intimate relationship

  • your children are not flourishing

  • relationships at work


You will usually be able to expect an offer of a first meeting within a week of your making contact.


Yours sincerely,

Sonja Boisen

Authorised Psychologist (MA in Psychology)

Specialist in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy



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